In 1922, two Swedes, Nils Pallin and Allan Bäckman, described their incredible challenges and tribulations as the first explorers of the largest and grandest glacier flowing from Chile’s stunning North Patagonian Icefield. Sited in a wild, stormy, and inhospitable land, the kilometres wide ice flows from snow clad mountains through ancient, almost impassable forests to sea level. Bringing their stories together with many recently rediscovered photographs, Martin Sessions reveals what happened before and since, especially the effect of climate change on this amazing, rarely explored landscape.

Martin Sessions

Martin Sessions, as a 24 year old Royal Navy Engineer Officer, spent five months monitoring a west flowing glacier of Chile’s North Patagonian Icefield, one of the many tasks undertaken by the five month 1972/73 British Chilean Patagonian expedition. Returning on a reconnaissance in 2006, he was instantly struck by the dramatic changes occurring to the region’s glaciers.

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